Day 3 Activities at the Bootcamp

We had a delicious breakfast (noodles, egg with tea)   as usual this morning at exactly 7:30 am. After we went for the first session for the day, Today, we were taught one health approach and STEM career opportunities by Mr. Emmanuel  Oladapo, we were told the meaning of one health as the connection between animal health, human health and environmental health. We were taught the meaning of zoonotic disease and how it can be developed, it is a disease that spread between difference species e.g.  novel corona virus, rabies, and influenza etc. Also, we were taught the climate change which says it is a long term ultration or change of temperature and typical weather patterns in a place.

Mr Emmanuel taking the one health lesson

Then we were taught another session, CANVA for presentation by Miss Adeola, it was a practical session and is very interesting as we design slides by ourselves in the team which we have not even heard about before.  We continued our robotic class and we are thought how to build a MICROCONTROLLED FAN.  We went for our lunch before building the next robot which is Traffic Light Robot, we really love her teaching. The class was interactive and interesting, also we did a quiz competition and every group tried their best.


We took our refreshment and we went back to the class for an interesting and educative game: Building a structure with spaghetti, we were given a spaghetti and a paper tape to build. The session was so interesting, educative and full of fun, everybody was in a hurry to be the winner. After the competition, the judges announce the result and advice us on planning as planning is the most important thing in everything. We were scored and the winner were given a prize. Then we had a take away for our dinner (Spaghetti and chicken) and we all loved it.

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