Day 2 Activities in the Bootcamp

Today‚Äôs activities was super amazing and interesting, after taking the nourishing breakfast , we went downstairs for the class,  we continued on website and after Miss Victoria and Mr. joseph took over for to teach us the robotic session , we are taught the meaning of robot that it make life easier and faster, also, the three laws of a robot the first law says that robot must not injuries human being, the second law states that a robot must obey order given it by human beings, the third law says that the robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the first or second and we were taught the advantages and disadvantages of robot.  

Miss Victoria showing the team microbat

We were given the robotics kit we will used and it was shown to us and how it work, then we proceed in building a MICROCONTROLLER fan.

Mr joseph taking the robotics class

Then we went for our delicious launch, and we settle for the next session. Which was anchored by Miss ADEDAYO ADERENLE, we were taught the difference between adulthood and childhood and that adolescence occurs between the Age of 10-19. Also we were taught about puberty, menstruation, teenage pregnancy. Puberty is the stage of sexual development while menstruation is the monthly shedding of blood through the vagina, teenage pregnancy usually occurs during the age of 10-19. And the world health organization, explains that 12 million girls aged 15-19years and at least 777,000 girls under 15 years each year. However we were taught about the effect of adolescent pregnancy e.g. poverty, untimely death, social stigma and rejection. And we were given some number to call if we have any issues. It was a serious interactive and educative session as we got to know a lot of private things that we ought to know at our adolescents age that we are not aware of before, how to keep ourselves and protect our dignity for the great future ahead of us, how to say no to sexual harassment and lots more.

we are building the future with ideas

The sessions were full of life, interactive, and we really really enjoyed it, thanks to STEM Belle for this wonderful opportunity.

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